Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Reports by J P Hilton
On September 18th 1916, J P Hilton took up his appointment as Manager of the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank. A few days later he reported to the Bank's Management Committee, and he then subsequently submitted reports at irregular intervals. Copies of those reports, which chart the progress made and the difficulties faced in establishing a temporary savings bank during wartime conditions, are reproduced as indicated below:
 September 22nd 1916
 September 28th 1916
 October 10th 1916
 October 19th 1916
 November 28th 1916
 November 29th 1917
 January 25th 1918
 December 2nd 1918
 January 4th 1919
 January 27th 1919
 March 3rd 1919
 May 5th 1919
 June 2nd 1919
Birmingham Corporation
Savings Bank