Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Report by J P Hilton - May 5th 1919
Mr Hilton's report to the Committee on May 5th 1919 contains a great deal of statistical information, including the fact that at March 31st 1919 the balance due to depositors was 323,123. This amount had only reduced to 307,610 when the Bank closed. At the end of the first period of trading of the new permanent bank (March 31st 1920), the balances had increased to 746,984.
Another section of the report provides insight into the way the Bank's original system of deposits, emanating from coupons representing deductions from wages, had developed. Mr Hilton gives an example of a deposit of 30 cash, but the Bank's system requires 30-worth of coupons to be fixed to a card - a system that appears pointless, but may have been deemed necessary to balance the amount of coupons 'sold' to the total value of deposits made.
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