Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Report by J P Hilton - June 2nd 1919
With the official end of the First World War approaching (the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th 1919), the legal life of the Corporation's savings bank was coming to an end when the Committee met on June 2nd. As a consequence, this meeting concentrated on considering the rules for the proposed Birmingham Municipal Bank. Mr Hilton presented a short report that was limited to comments on a letter that had been received from the Corporation's Salaries, Wages and Labour Committee.
That letter, dated April 30th 1919, stated the following:
Non-Manual Employees - War Allowances.
I have to inform you that the Salaries, Wages & Labour Committee have received and considered an application dated the 7th February, 1919, from the Municipal Clerks' and Officers' Association for an extension to the non-manual employees of the 5/- war advance granted to the manual workers in January last, and, having reviewed all the circumstances, have decided that no case for a further war allowance has been made out, and they have accordingly declined the application.
The Committee were, however, aware that several of the Council Committees had already considered the salary lists for the current year, and had taken into account the prevailing economic conditions and had given more liberal advances than would otherwise have been the case. The Committee approve of the action so taken, and will be glad to learn that all Council Committees have followed the same course.
I am directed to ask that you will inform me in due course what action your Committee have taken.
Yours faithfully,
H C Chamberlain.
Salaries, Wages & Labour Committee.
Although there were further meetings of the Corporation Savings Bank Committee, prior to it being renamed 'The Municipal Bank Committee' in August 1919, these future meetings dealt with matters relating to the new permanent bank; Mr Hilton did not present any further reports relating to the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank.
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