Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Report by J P Hilton - September 22nd 1916
Next Report: September 28th 1916
With the basic system of collecting deposits based on employees authorising deductions from their wages, it was important that workers understood the Bank's methods and had confidence in its financial integrity. Making presentations to groups of workers was one means of achieving these objectives, and Mr Hilton reports that he addressed such a meeting in his first week of employment - the resolution made at the works, referred to in his report, was not reproduced in the Bank's Minutes.
The six points raised by Mr Hilton were dealt with by the Committee of Management as follows:
(1) covered by "Clause 14 of the Regulations";
(Clause 14: On demand of the depositor or party legally authorised to claim on account of a depositor, made in such form as may be prescribed by the rules for withdrawal of any deposit, the depositor or party so legally authorised shall be absolutely entitled to the repayment of any sums that may be due to the depositor within seven days at farthest after the demand shall have been made.)
(2) "suspension of authority was included in variation and that form B would meet the case";
(Form A was the basic authority of the employee for part payment of wages by coupon. This form provided that alteration in the amount of coupons .... shall be made .... in the prescribed form. The prescribed form was Form B.)
(3) "the Chairman authorised the Manager to postpone the meeting at Messrs. Elliot's";
(4) "if a firm wished to make their own arrangements to deal with the coupons they were at liberty to do so";
(This allowed for employers to sell coupons for cash instead of providing them as confirmation of a deduction from wages.)
(5) "the propaganda work for addressing meetings, etc., should be left to the manager";
(6) "that Councillor Hallas and the Manager be asked to draft a poster to be exhibited in Works, explaining how the scheme is worked".
The Committee also resolved that the "Sign Boards and cards be left in the hands of the Committee Clerk". The identity of the Committee Clerk at this date is not known, but Arthur Everall was appointed to that position in September 1919.
The Committee did not pass a resolution regarding Mr Hilton's question relating to persons employed at locations outside the city. Rule 8 stated that: No person shall be eligible to be a depositor at the bank except a person in the employ of some other person in the city of Birmingham who is prepared to co-operate with the committee in regard to the making of deposits by or on account of his employees in accordance with the Act and these rules. In practice, it appears that the Committee interpreted this rule to allow such employees to be depositors.
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