Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Report by J P Hilton - September 28th 1916
Mr Hilton's second report mainly concerned addresses made to various groups of employees and the arrangements being made in regard to future such meetings. The meetings on September 26th included Taylor, Law & Co - a future supplier of Home Safes to the Birmingham Municipal Bank.
The Committee discussed the inadequate number of speakers to address meetings and it was resolved that (1) the Chairman be requested to issue a circular letter to members of the Council appealing for their help; (2) a fresh supply of posters be printed in colours and issued and that a further supply of the original handbills be printed in colours with amendments made by Councillor Hallas; (3) Mr A J Smith be temporarily engaged at a salary of 2. 2. 0. per week to address Meetings and carry out propaganda work generally under the direction of the Manager.
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