Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Report by J P Hilton - October 10th 1916
Mr Hilton's third report was made eleven days after the Bank commenced business and much of his comments to the Committee concern issues that had arisen in that short period.
Following discussion of the report, the Committee passed six Resolutions:
 - that a Sub-Committee be formed consisting of the  Chairman, Alderman Lloyd, and Councillors Appleby and Hallas, to deal with the matter of accommodation and staff;
 - that the Manager be authorised to order any necessary forms or coupon cards from the War Savings Association subject to the Lord Mayor's approval;
 - that all employees of firms whose head office was in the city should be eligible to join the Bank even though such employees should be working in branch works or on jobs in the vicinity of Birmingham;
- that the Manager be authorised to deal with Messrs. Cadbury's communication and to take over the transference of their deposits if desirable;
 - that the Manager be authorised to ask the War Savings Association to supply stout envelopes to contain the coupon cards;
 - that as the prizes were no part of the Bank and the prize distribution outside the control of the Committee, the Committee were unable to make any recommendation as to the persons who should be entitled to participate in the Prize Scheme.
(The Prize Scheme was described in detail by Mr Hilton in his book Britain's First Municipal Savings Bank, which was published in 1927.)
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