Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Report by J P Hilton - October 19th 1916
This report continues the theme of previous reports with its emphasis on the task of depositor recruitment by means of meetings of employees, and problems relating to staffing, accommodation, and the provision of stationery. In these early days of the Bank, much reliance was made on the use of seconded Corporation staff (particularly from the Treasurer's Department), and the co-operation of the Water Department in the provision of accommodation. On the question of accommodation, the Sub-Committee that had reviewed the subject had reported via the Chairman to the main Committee, and the following resolution was passed:
that a recommendation be sent to the Water Committee asking whether arrangements could be made to concede to the Bank the whole of the Service Laying Department Office in addition to the manager's room. This accommodation to be given up on three months' notice from the Water Committee, such notice not to be served before the expiration of the war. Also the Committee record their appreciation of the courtesy with which the Water Committee have met them and for the way in which they have assisted the Bank.
The Water Department vacated the premises on October 31st 1916, and it is this office that is shown in a photograph taken on the occasion of the transfer of accounts from the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank to the Birmingham Municipal Bank.
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