Halesowen Borough Council Minutes
April 1939
Section 57 (1) of the Birmingham Corporation (General Powers) Act, 1929, gave the Bank the authority to open branches in an area adjoining the city:
With the consent of the local authority of any area adjoining the city and upon such terms and conditions (if any) as may be agreed between the Corporation and such local authority the Corporation may establish and maintain in such area a branch savings bank with or without a housing department to such bank as they may think fit and the powers duties and obligations conferred and imposed upon the Corporation under Part III of the Act of 1919 and this Act and under the regulations made under the Act of 1919 shall apply to any branch bank established under this section and to dwelling-houses and land situate in the area in which such bank is established.
The minutes of a meeting of the Finance Committee of Halesowen Borough Council held on April 24th 1939 illustrate how an agreement between the two authorities for a branch to be opened in the borough came about, and the terms and conditions that were agreed by the two authorities.
Halesowen branch was opened on December 17th 1940, the event being recorded in the local newspaper - The County Express.
Halesowen Branch