Branch Instructions:
The Birmingham Corporation Act, 1919, provided the legal framework to enable the Birmingham Municipal Bank to be established. Rules and Regulations were then formulated by the City Council to specify the limitations within which the Bank could work. However, no formal instructions to staff in how to deal with their day-to-day duties seem to have been drawn up. In his recollections of the Bank's first day of business (September 1st 1919), Norman Ling recalled that: No general instructions were issued, and staff hardly knew what might happen when they arrived at their Branch, but hoped that commonsense plus a few preliminary directions would enable them to do the right thing.
Given that the Act to enable the Bank to come into existence had only been passed on August 15th 1919, it is perhaps not surprising that no formal 'Branch Instructions' were available to assist managers in the early days. It appears that, in due course, Head Office addressed the situation by the issue of specific instructional letters, 'General Instructions'; 'Instructions applicable to Branch Managers'; and examples of how ledger entries should be made. It was not until June 1960 that a complete set of 'Branch Instructions' were issued. The whole of the Instructions were placed in a special loose-leaf binder so that any amendments or additions could be either substituted or added from time to time.
The 1960 Branch Instructions consisted of three sections:
 - General Instructions to Branches;
 - Instructions Applicable to Branch Managers; and
 - Examples of Ledger Entries
This section of the website reproduces the copy of the Branch Instructions that were originally issued to Aston Cross branch. The copy incorporates amendments made in the years following 1960, and many of the processes and methods described were probably relevant until superseded by computerisation replacing manual or basic mechanised systems (in the early 1970s) and the Bank's transfer to TSB status in 1976. These later instructions were issued as Operating & System Advices - manually referenced 'OSA' on some of the Branch Instruction pages.
Apparently, an additional section was added to the Instructions when the No 3 (Investment) Department was introduced in 1967, but this has not survived.
The Branch Instructions incorporated an Alphabetical Index - this has been reproduced as a means of accessing the individual instructions.
Many of the Instructions refer to various documents used by the Bank's customers and staff. The majority of these documents were identified by a Form Reference that consisted of the abbreviation 'MB' followed by a unique number. The Instructions often quote these Form References without stating the Title or purpose of the document - a list of known Form References provides some of this missing detail.
The following Numerical Index also provides links to the individual instructions, plus other relevant articles.
General Instructions to Branches
 1  Index of Depositors' Names   
 2  Procedure on opening new Accounts   Account Administration
 3  Procedure in respect of second or subsequent Deposits   
 4  Making of Withdrawals   
 5  Notices of Withdrawals   
 6  Postal Transactions   
 7  Pass Books   Passbooks
 9  Home Safes   Home Safes
 10  Coupon Savings Scheme - Schools  [Deleted Instruction]
 11  Coupon Savings Scheme - other than Schools  [Deleted Instruction]
 12  Mortgage Advances & House Purchase Accounts   House Purchase Department
 13  Deposit and House Purchase Repayment Slips   
 14  Withdrawal Receipts   
 15  Credit Advices   
 16  Transfers from one Office to another   
 17  Alterations in Titles of Accounts   
 18  Nominations  Nominations
 19  Accounts of deceased depositors   Accounts of Deceased Depositors
 20  Cashiers   
 21  Cash   
 22  Cheques and Bank Notes   
 23  Ledgers  
 24  Dormant Accounts Under 1  Account Administration
 25  Dormant Accounts over 1  Account Administration
 26  Friday Night Transactions  
 27  Monthly Recapitulation Return  
 28  Interim Balances  
 29  Extracted Lists of Depositors' Balances  
 30  Income Tax Returns  
 31  The British United Provident Association Ltd  
 32  Collection of Accounts  Utility Accounts
 33  Standing Orders
 35  Safe Deposit   Safe Deposit
 36  Collection of Rents  
 37  Heating and Lighting  
 38  Cleaners  
 39  Cleaning  
 40  Office Clock  
 41  Record Book  Branch Record Book
 42  Fire Extinguisher  
 43  Police Whistles  
 44  Domestic Equipment  
 45  Telephones  
 46  Inventory  
 47  Supplies of Stationery  
 48  General Correspondence, etc  
 49  Records etc  
 50  Movement of Officers  
 51  Hours of Duty  
 52  Keys  
 53  Salaries  
 54  Overalls  
 55  Annual, Sick, Special & Privilege Leave  
 56  National Savings Certificates  National Savings
 58  National Savings Gift Tokens  
 59  Defence Bonds & National Development Bonds  National Savings
 60  National Savings Stamps  
 61  Premium Savings Bonds  National Savings
 62  Certificates of Existence in connection with Annuities, etc  
 63  Inter-Bank Transactions  
 63A  Trustee Savings Banks Clearing  
 64  Travelling Expenses  
 65  Staff Welfare  
 66  Teachers' Salaries  
 67  Powers of Attorney  
 68  Exchange Control Act, 1947  
 69  Trading with the Enemy Acy, 1939  
 70  Savings Banks Institute  The Savings Banks Institute
 72  Education Department Allowances  
 73  Credit Transfers  Credit Transfers
 74  Pass Book Covers  
 76  Purchase and Sale of Stocks and Shares  
 77  General Credit Clearing  
 78  Travellers Cheques and Foreign Currency  Travellers' Cheques and Foreign Currency
 79  Post Office Giro  
 101  No 2 Department  
Instructions Applicable to Branch Managers
 1  General   
 2  Branch Premises  
 3  Cleaning of Premises  
 4  Forms and Authority  
 Stamping of Accounts
 Rubber Stamps
 Deposit and House Purchase Repayment Slips and
 Withdrawal Receipts
 7  Deposits by Firms  
 8  Cash  
 9  Cashiers  
 10  Cash Orders & Supply of Cash  
 11  National Savings Securities  
 12  Birmingham Municipal Bank Coupons  Savings Coupons
 13  Ledgers  
 14  Advances  
 15  Extracted Lists of Balances  
 16  Stocks and Shares  
 17  Petty Cash Disbursements, Postages and Receipt Stamps  
 18  Office Diary  
 19  Night Light  Branch Night Lights
 20  Police Notification  
 21  Half Yearly Requisition of Stationery etc  
 22  Bankruptcy, Insanity  
 23  Deceased Depositors  
 24  Keys  
 25  Standing Orders and Periodic Payments  
 26  Retained Pass Books  
 27  In Transfers - Pass Books  
 28  Branch Deposit Suspense Account