Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1925
Regulation Numbers
1    Name
2    Short title of Regulations
3    Interpretation
4    Commencement of Regulations and repeal
5    Inspection of Regulations and supply of copies
6    Regulations binding on all parties
7    Objects of the Bank
8    Management of the Bank
9    Powers and duties of the Committee of Management
10  Liability of Committee
11  Manager's powers
12  Seal
13  Offices and branches
14  Hours and days of business
15  Declaration of secrecy by officers, etc
16  Priority of debts from officers, etc
17  Failure to account on part of officers, etc
18  Prohibition of private profit on part of officers, etc
19  Security from officers
20  Stamp duty
21  Bankers' Books Evidence Act

22  By whom deposits may be made
23  Provision as to several accounts
24  Procedure on making deposits
25  Minors under seven years of age
26  Persons of unsound mind
27  Joint accounts
28  Trust accounts
29  Friendly Societies and Trade Unions
30  Charitable Societies
31  Public Trustee
32  Pass books
33  Lost pass books
34  Postal transactions
35  Deposits
36  Limitation of deposits
37  Exceptions to limitation of deposits
38  Refusal to receive deposits
39  Interest on deposits
40  Guarantee of interest and repayment of deposits
41  Withdrawals of deposits
42  Withdrawals from accounts of minors
43  Withdrawals from accounts of persons of unsound mind
44  Withdrawals from joint accounts
45  Withdrawals from trust accounts
46  Payments in case of insanity or bankruptcy
47  Withdrawals by Friendly Societies and others
48  Withdrawal by the Public Trustee
49  Authority for payment to third party
50  Transfers from one office to another
51  Alteration in titles of accounts
52  Nominations
53  Requirements of a nomination
54  Registration of nomination
55  Revocation of nomination
56  Scope of nomination
57  Division of sums nominated
58  Witness to nomination disqualified from taking under it
59  Operation of nomination
60  Payment of debts out of nominated deposits
61  Payment for the benefit of a nominee under sixteen
62  Death of a nominee after death of a depositor and before payment
63  Nominations made prior to the date upon which these regulations come into operation
64  Proof of death of depositor
65  Law applicable on death of depositor
66  Payment of deposits of deceased depositor not exceeding 100
67  Estate, succession, and legacy duties
68  Settlement of disputes
69  Charge on award by Chief Registrar
70  Indemnification of Corporation
71  Investment of funds
72  Audit of accounts
73  Annual report and statement of account
74  Alteration of Regulations
75  Winding up
76  Procedure on application
77  Extent of advance to be made
78  Valuation of property
79  Mortgage deed
80  Copy of mortgage deed
81  Prior mortgage
82  Interest on advances
83  Repayment of advances
84  Failure to make repayments
85  Insurance
86  Application of money received from insurance company
87  Ground rents and other payments
88  Discharge of mortgage
89  Power of inspection
90  Depositor in arrear
91  Power to sell property
92  Restriction on house mortgaged
93  Legal and other charges
1925 Regulations