Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank:
Annual Reports
There was no statutory requirement for the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank to publish Annual Reports to show the Bank's financial position. However, Annual Reports were required by the City Council, and these are reproduced below for the three trading periods covering the Bank's existence from September 29th 1916 to October 31st 1919.
In these three periods of trading, total losses of 6,751 - 4s - 7d were accumulated.
The first period reported on is September 29th 1916 to September 30th 1917, and mainly deals with the progress made by the Bank in difficult circumstances. Particular reference is made to the unexpectedly poor rate of interest that the Bank received from the National Debt Commissioners. Attached to the Report were an Income & Expenditure A/c and a Balance Sheet.
By the date (July 1919) when the Bank made its second Annual Report (for the year-ended September 30th 1918) the First World War had been over for more than eight months. Although still complaining about the rate of interest received from the National Debt Commissioners, the main emphasis of the Report is the establishment of a permanent bank to replace the temporary, wartime Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank. Consequently, the Report runs to ten pages as it includes the proposed Regulations for the new bank. However, attached to the Report were an Income & Expenditure A/c and a Balance Sheet.
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