The Bank's Annual Reports recorded a large range of statistics relating both to its core business and the many ancillary services (mainly for Birmingham City Council) that were provided. Except for some of the War years (particularly 1941, 1943, 1944 & 1945) most of these statistics were reported consistently from 1920 until 1977. More detailed statistics were also reported to the Bank's Management Committee. The list below summarises the statistics that are recorded on this website
[1] Business Volumes
Deposits and Withdrawals ()
Amounts of total deposits and withdrawals for each year
Deposits, Withdrawals and Mortgage Repayments (No.)
Numbers of annual transactions
House Purchase
Advances and Repayments
Branch & Annual Statistics
Individual Branch Statistics including Deposit Balances; Open Accounts; Transactions
Annual Statistics analysed by Month
Credit Transfers & Standing Orders
Amounts and numbers
Travellers' Cheques & Foreign Currency
Amounts and numbers of sales
Utility Account Statistics
Water; Electricity; Gas; and Rate bills paid at the Bank
Ancillary Services (1925 to 1951)
Statistics for Dustbin Hire; Midwifery; Home Assistance; TSA; Evacuation; Civil Defence; Sundry
Ancillary Services (1952 to 1977)
Statistics for Restaurants; Housing Rents; Social Services; Education; Housing Acts; Public Health;
Housing Management; Warley Council
National Savings
Amounts and numbers for sales of National Savings Certificates and Bonds
Total Business Volumes (1919 to 1977)

[2] Other Statistics
Open Accounts
Number of customer accounts at each year end
Branch Statistics
Balances; Number of Accounts; Number of Transactions by Branch for certain years
Number of branches at each year end
Safe Deposit
Number of safes rented; number of accesses granted to renters
Home Safes
Number of safes issued; amounts deposited; number of transactions
Direct Transfer Scheme
Amounts saved through this Pay Roll Savings Scheme
Amount deposited; number of contracts
School Savings Banks
Amounts saved and transactions
Birmingham Corporation Housing Bonds
The number of Interest Coupons cashed on these bonds
Birmingham Hospitals Contributory Scheme
The number of depositors paying their contributions through the Bank
Principal Statistics